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Top Two Real Estate Junk Fees To Watch Out For In 2024

Is your real estate agent trying to charge you junk or garbage fees?

Unfortunately, Junk and or Garbage Fees in real estate sales & purchases are something consumers need to watch out for heading into 2024. So I wanted to create a quick blog post to let consumers know about the 2 main garbage or junk fees in  to watch out for and where you can find them. 


The first junk fee is the TC Fee or Transaction Coordinator fee.  A TC  helps a realtor with the paperwork and disclosures during a home sale, they are actually very useful, however, if an agent wants to use a TC they should pay them out of their commission and not charge you the client for this service.

The second junk fee I have noticed is a Real Estate Agent Admin Fee. This is literally just a made up fee, and the most irritating thing about it, is some of the top agents are adding it to their home sales & purchase transactions. Worst of all, I have even seen this Admin fee with a friends and family “DISCOUNT” listed underneath it. It’s pretty ironic because if you are working with your friends and family why would you charge them a made up fee in the first place.

Now you can find these fees listed in either your purchase contract or on your closing disclosure, and I would advise telling your agent ahead of time that you aren’t planning on paying any junk fees, and if they don’t like it then you can always find another agent.

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